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Our Philosophy

Vector will give you an education that is intellectually rigorous, spiritually vigorous, and physically demanding. A renewed mind, a heart of affection for God, and a disciplined body to serve Him - these are the fruits of a true education.


We strive for a distinctly Christian, classical, liberal arts approach. We want graduates who know how to think, especially in these deranged times. We will not spoon feed you. We will challenge you to dig and mine the gold of truth for yourself. Someone once said that people reject what they’re told, but they’ll die for what they discover. While you will certainly be told a wealth of content in Vector, the sentiment of that saying captures the spirit of our teaching method, even if in an overstated way. 


THINK according to the Word of God

As Christians, we are people of truth. We renew our minds with the Word of God and learn to think rightly and deeply about God’s world and our place in it.


DISCERN every situation in life with wisdom

Truth needs to be applied with wisdom. Life is dynamic, not static. Our individual lives and the times we live in come with challenges that require daily discernment.


ACT courageously as faithful Christian leaders.

Armed with truth and wisdom, we courageously and humbly put our faith into action, we take up the mantle of leadership

and impact the world for good.

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