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Pastor Kyle studied Greek in college like all normal people do. He loves starting things. Sometimes he reads books written by dead Calvinists. Husband of one wife, father of four daughters.

El Presedente

Fellow of Theology

Kyle McMullen


Gene Helsel

Fellow of Apologetics

& C.S. Lewis

Pastor Gene has been teaching for decades. Terrific teller of stories. Legendary mountain biker. Shredder of guitar. C.S. Lewis aficionado. Husband, father, grandfather.


Kent McMullen

Fellow of Discipleship

& Leadership

Pastor Kent has been a pastor to students for decades. He specializes in teaching and equipping for practical action. Husband, father, grandfather. Kyle's dad.


Carey McPherson

Fellow of Biblical Theology

Men's Physical Training

Pastor Carey has been teaching students the Bible for years. He has ministry experience covering pretty much everything a man can do in church leadership. He can definitely do more pull ups than you. Husband of one wife, father of four.


Daniel Appel

Fellow of Philosophy, History

& Political Theology

Daniel is an attorney, a reader of multiple languages, a skilled woodworker, and many other things. Ask him anything. Husband. Father. Churchman.

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