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Vector costs approximately $18,000 per student. Grace City Church grants a 50% scholarship to every student accepted into the program. This means our tuition for the full year is $9,000. That is all inclusive - classes, books, materials, retreats, Yellowstone, and the DC trip…all for less than the price of a decade old Kia.


Vector utilizes host homes for out of town students on a case by case basis. If you’d like to take advantage of this option, we can work toward coordinating arrangements with a host family upon your acceptance into Vector.

Work Studies

We have a limited number of work studies available on the Grace City Church campus. Work study students receive an additional scholarship. Students interested in this should inquire further upon acceptance into Vector.


Vector students are frequently deployed as a “special ops” team to serve as interns at Grace City, especially for conferences and other big events. Additionally, Vector students may pursue a more in depth, unpaid, internship experience at Grace City during their time in Vector in areas such as: media, photography, videography, video editing, music, Stronger Men, Noble Women, Grace City Kids, Anchored Youth, etc.


A typical week in the life of Vector runs 7am - 12pm, Monday - Friday. This includes workouts and classes. Occasionally, there will be additional class time scheduled to accommodate our leadership symposium guests. Students are responsible to study and complete assignments outside of class time.


Can I work a job while doing Vector?
Yes. Many students work part time jobs while enrolled in Vector. 

Is Vector accredited?
Vector students can earn up to 27 college credits through Corban University, at the incredibly low price of $60 per credit (this is in addition to Vector tuition). These credits can be transferred anywhere.

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