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Our Story

Vector Institute was founded in 2021. We are a ministry of Grace City Church in Wenatchee, WA. 


We believe that teaching, training, resourcing, and launching the next generation of men and women is always mission critical for the Church. Therefore, Vector is our effort to reclaim education as a distinctly Christian pursuit and an endeavor in which the Church must be engaged.


We think the cost of higher education in our culture is ridiculous, and becoming a debt slave in order to be rubber stamped by a godless, woke institution is a path that ought to be seriously questioned and challenged. Vector is our offer of an alternative to the current status quo. Having said that, we don’t see ourselves as rogue originalists. What we are doing is very much like what the Church has always done, namely, aiming at real transformational discipleship by means of the Word of God.

Our Affiliations

We are a ministry of Grace City Church in Wenatchee, WA. Vector also serves as the senior year experience of Garden City Academy. We are college level, and a large percentage of our enrollment is made up of college age students.

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