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This class is a deep dive into the belly of the book of Jonah (pun intended), utilizing it to teach you how to read, understand, and apply the Bible. You will learn how to distinguish and interpret the various biblical literary genres. You will discover the macro narrative of Scripture. You will establish convictions about the primacy of authorial intent. And you will read Jonah more times than you can imagine.

In this class, you will establish your biblical theological footing. You will see patterns and themes and narrative “easter eggs” that captivate the imagination and foreshadow amazing realities. You will memorize an outline of the entire Pentateuch, and you will be better ready to navigate life by adhering to the fixed points of the ancient Word.

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This class will deepen your love for God’s Word in ways you probably wouldn’t have imagined. You will unlock the Christocentric focus of the Old Testament. You will begin to put into practice your biblical theological method through writing and presentation. Now you’re truly learning how to wield the Sword.

In this culminating Bible class of the Vector program, you will survey the New Testament, paying careful attention to the New Testament’s use of the Old Testament. You will acquire a life-long appreciation for the unity, clarity, and timelessness of Scripture.

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Doctrine is not a dry document on the wall of a museum. It is a map that reveals the adventure of following Jesus. Theology is the ministry of reality; it opens our eyes to see things the way they are, igniting our imagination to live courageously and faithfully in God’s world. This class covers the doctrines of revelation, Scripture, the attributes of God, and the Trinity.

Building on the theme that doctrine and discipleship are companions, you will gain a practical understanding of mankind, sin, and salvation. The theological focus begins to highlight God the Son, Jesus Christ, who is Savior and Lord. You will learn the doctrines of creation, providence, man, sin, angels and demons, Christ, and Salvation.

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In this final Vector theology class, you will be equipped to live as a Spirit-filled believer. The emphasis moves to God the Holy Spirit. You will learn the doctrines of the Holy Spirit, the Church, Heaven and Hell, and eschatology.



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Long before the Pioneers, Pilgrims, and Puritans, the seeds of Western Civilization were planted by the Ancients. To understand our modern age, we need a history of the ages.

This class is a survey of Western thought as well as an overview of Church history. You will be amazed by the powerful influence that ideas can have—even really old ones. This class gives you a foundation for understanding culture.

What is government? What do politics have to do with faith? This class focuses on Christian political theory and the history of American government rising from the influence of Christianity. You will study foundational American documents like the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. This class prepares you to think and act biblically as a Christian and citizen.

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This capstone class faces the hot button cultural issues of our day head-on and gives students the opportunity to practice critiquing culture through the lens of biblical truth. Through reading, presentations, and debate, you will learn how to think on your feet and articulate truth. Leaders have to know how to communicate and persuade. This class will prepare you for just that.

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You will learn the components of worldviews and belief systems. Every person presupposes a way of viewing the world that governs everything he does. This class explores various prevalent worldviews that are opposed to Christianity. You will be equipped to understand opposing belief systems and be trained in how to critique and refute them with the light of God’s Word.

Apologetics is the art of interpreting reality through the lens of God’s truth. It is the expression, not just of truth, but of the goodness and beauty that comes with it. The Christian worldview speaks for itself when it is displayed well through conversations, questions, answers, listening, challenging, and engaging. This class is a rigorous and engaging training that prepares you to bring the Christian worldview into real life relationships and conversations.

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Take a deep dive into the writings of one of the greatest thinkers in the history of the Church. C.S. Lewis was masterful, whether he was writing children’s fantasy, sophisticated sci-fi, devotional reflections, or studious theology. He did all of it with remarkable skill. The beauty of the Christian worldview permeates through everything Lewis wrote. This class is nothing short of a rollicking good time



In this class, you will learn and develop spiritual disciplines. You will not only discover the biblical basis for these disciplines, you will be given opportunities to practice them. A thriving relationship with Christ is the bedrock of your character. This class helps you get the important things right.


Do you know where your life is going? Have you charted a course for faithfulness and fruitfulness? This class gives you practical tools for making a life plan. This is an exercise

that you will be able to use for the rest of your life. Additionally, you will unpack the characteristics of biblical manhood and womanhood, and you will gain tools to practically prepare for the glorious covenant of marriage.

This class is a philosophical journey through economic systems. You will be surprised to learn that economics is unavoidably theological. You will also learn practical tools for wise financial stewardship.

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